Live-Bait In Stock!

At Northwoods Bait and Tackle, we pride ourselves on having a wide variety of live-bait. Whether you are chasing spring-time panfish, early season walleye, fall muskies, or late-ice northern pike, we will have you covered!

We try to keep this list as up to date as possible. The store could be busy and a bait truck could arrive. If you don't see your desired live-bait "in stock," don't be afraid to give us a call.

  • Minnows

    - Fatheads

    - Crappies

    - Light Pike

    - Light Northern

    - Heavy Northern

    - River Shiners

    - Northwoods Mix

  • Maggots

    - 24ct Waxworms

    - 250ct Waxworms

    - 36ct Multi-Color Spikes

    - 36ct Red Spikes

    - 36ct White Spikes

    - 24ct Mousees

    - 24ct Meal Worms

  • Frozen Bait

    - 36ct Spottail Shiner

    - 3ct Frozen Alewife

    - 10ct Small Frozen Smelt

  • Crawlers

    Dozen Counts

    Half Flat (250ct)

    Full Flat (500ct)

  • Leeches

    Out of stock (Seasonal)

Stock may change or vary.